Start A Personal Budget Spreadsheet

by Alex on October 21, 2011

You heard me, you need to start a personal budget planner right away. Without a proper strategy in place to save money, how do you expect to understand your complete financial situation?

As the writer of many saving money blogs, I have always preached the benefit of running a current and uptodate budget spreadsheet in Excel.

It keep you organised, both mentally and financially and is one of the easiest ways to save the big money.

What can a budget spreadsheet do for you?

A budget planner/spreadsheet can help you monitor your incoming, outgoing and generic costs. You can see your earnings in a clear light and track where that money is actually spent.

Tracking your outgoings means that you can track your actual in pocket salary per year. You may be earning £20,000 but how much of that is wasted on all of your everday expenses?

How can a budget planner help you budget?

  • Saves you money
  • Tracks your earnings
  • Highlights your spending patterns
  • Gives you savings goals
  • Reduces spending
  • Creates a holistic picture of your finances

Where can you get a FREE budget planner?

You can obtain free budget planners from just about anywhere on the internet. Download a few after a Google search and try and adapt your spreadsheet to utilise all of the best possible features from all of them.

Should you pay for a budget planner?

A good friend once told me you always get what you pay for. Free is good only up until a point. Paying for someone elses budget spreadsheet is an effective way of getting the maximum value out of your spreadsheet, just be careful you buy the right planner.

Happy budgeting!

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